Teaching Record

Courses Taught or Assisted

  • Instructor of Record
    • Math Tools for Economists II (Summer 2018, 2019): instructed 30 person lecture, created course material, wrote and evaluated student assignments and exams
    • Introduction to Statistics (Fall 2018): instructed 50 person lecture, coordinated and assisted in creation of standardized course material across multiple sections, wrote and evaluated student assignment and exams, supervised teaching assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
    • Intermediate Microeconomics (Fall 2019)
    • Principles of Macroeconomics (Spring 2017, Spring 2021*)
    • Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2016, Fall 2020*)
* "Instructor overall" rating not available after Fall 2019 as institution changed questionnaire to exclude it or any other objective summary measure of the instructor.
Teaching evaluations over time. Each dot represents the average instructor overall rating within a class section. Error bars are 95% confidence intervals.

Selected Qualitative Evaluations

"I loved this class so much. it was very challenging intellectually but the way Brach taught the material was done very well. I enjoyed that he brought up real world examples. He really knew what he was teaching. He was easy to get ahold of for office hours and extra help in class. You could really tell he cared about his students and wanted everyone to do well in class. I liked how it seemed like he and [TA] communicated on how recitation and lecture would intertwine...he took a class that would normally be boring [and turned it] into something interesting to learn..."
Intro to Statistics, Fall 2018.

"Awesome recitation teacher. He was able to help me in learning the content of the class in depth along with lecture classes. Also he made coming to class fun and exciting because he is able to teach in a fun way."
Intermediate Microeconomics, Fall 2019.

"I was not excited about this course, I typically don't do great with math. But taking this class with Professor Brach I have learned that anyone can do well and I feel much more confident in my ability. He was very patient and helpful with everyone and I learned so much. I especially like how much he related it to examples we will encounter in later classes. THANK YOU!!!!!!!"
Math Tools for Economists II, Summer 2019.